Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Downtown Seattle Benefit Brow Bar

Andrea(esthetician), Jessi (make-up artist), Michelle (esthetician), Garrette (manager and make-up artist), Tomoko (esthetician)

Back when the Benefit Brow Bar opened I happened to be in Macy's shopping with my girlfriend and saw that they were having an opening event with free brow shaping. Michelle transformed my eyebrows that day and I haven't gone anywhere else since. Before going to Benefit I had no idea what a huge difference a stellar brow reshaping could make. The estheticians there take the time to talk with you about what you are looking for and how they can make it happen. After waxing they spend as much time as necessary trimming and tweezing to ensure the perfect brow. And another thing that I love is the complete makeup application that they offer afterwards so that I don't have to walk home up the hill with scary red eyebrows. Instead I leave ready to go out for the night.

At my last brow appointment I brought my camera so that I could snap a picture of the lovely ladies at Benefit. When I told them that I wanted to write a little bit about them on the blog they told me a few things about them that I didn't know... aside from just facial waxing and brow reshaping they often work with women with sparse brows in order to teach them how to use makeup to enhance them. They also work with people who have cancer to show them how to create a natural looking brow shape when hair has been lost during their treatment. Additionally, the benefit counter recently started doing lash extensions. I haven't tried this out yet but I have seen girls having it done while I am there and the results are gorgeous and last for a few days of parties or a wedding weekend.

Best of all, and one of the biggest perks for me (a HUGE procrastinator), you don't have to make an appointment. Walk ins are always welcome. If you prefer to make an appointment give them a call at (206) 506-6923. You'll probably be greeted by the friendly voice of Jessi. Tell her Dana says hi!

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Clare- Between Olive & Pine on 16th in Capitol Hill.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Seattle Street Style
Laura- On 3rd between Pike & Pine in Downtown Seattle. Laura works at the downtown H&M. Her outfit is the perfect mix of rock and roll and chic femininity. She has done all black while managing to keep it fun.

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Monday, September 28, 2009


Seattle Street Style
Erin- Broadway & Denny on Capitol Hill. Erin looks so great in these wool shorts and I really like how she lets them stand out by keeping everything else fitted and simple.

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Sunday, September 27, 2009


Seattle Street Style

Maria- In front of the the Pine Street Molly Moons on Capitol Hill. There is something about naturally curly hair that always catches my eye. Maria had her hair lovely locks tucked into such a cute hat. This whole outfit is a great mix of fun colors; especially the goldenrod cardigan.

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Saturday, September 26, 2009


Abby- At Pike and Broadway on Capitol Hill. A pair of rockin' masculine boots are such a great way to give longevity to your summer wardrobe before officially submitting to your fall attire.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Fall Hats

Seattle Street Style
Pike & 11th on Capitol Hill. This whole outfit is adorable and so much fun. I love this hat!

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Thursday, September 24, 2009


I finally tried the hemp soft serve at Healeo on Capitol Hill and YUM! I had stopped in the week that they opened but something was wrong with the soft serve machine so I didn't get to have any and unfortunately I took a really long time to make it back up there.

The set up for the soft serve is a lot like Pink Berry where you choose your soft serve size and then you pick the toppings you would like on it. I chose strawberries to go on my vanilla hemp soft serve. It very literally tasted like strawberry shortcake. Delicious!! We didn't stay at the cafe to eat but before ordering I took a minute to look around at the selection on their shop. There was a lot of pre-made vegan and raw food to purchase as well as a gorgeous array of teas. I think I could really find myself stopping in at Healeo quite often. Vegan soft serve, smoothies, raw vegan food, and natural loose teas... I feel healthier just talking about the tasty things that Healeo offers.

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Rishi- Pine & Bellevue on Capitol Hill.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ashley & Nicole

Ashley & Nicole- I passed these two on my way to QFC chatting in the doorway of Urban Outfitters on Capitol Hill and they looked so fantastic standing together so I had to interrupt them. A fun and eclectic use of denim on these girls and they both incorporated it in different ways.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Queen- On 3rd between Pike & Pine in Downtown Seattle. This stunning girl caught my eye with her incredibly well put together and playful outfit. From the shoes to the suspenders to the earrings... amazing! We ended up chatting for a while about everything from personal style to the adventure of chasing your dreams in life. What a lovely girl. And I caught her just off of a photo shoot too... she was so much fun to photograph.

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Monday, September 21, 2009

Go Tavi!

Tavi with designer Yohji Yamamoto

One of my very favorite bloggers Tavi Gevinson of Style Rookie spent fashion week in NY watching the collections walk down the runway and meeting designers who may love her as much she as admires them. I was so giddy for her when she wrote on her blog that she would be heading to New York to attend fashion week and then again today when I saw this article sitting front and center on my Yahoo homepage. What a talented girl! I am so excited to see what is in store for her. I just hope that she continues to document her incredible personal fashion and creativity whether on Style Rookie or with a paid position through another website or even a fashion magazine. It is such a great part of my day seeing what she comes up with and has to say about it.

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Travelers Cafe and Chai Bar

Travelers on Capitol Hill is one of my favorite places to eat in the city. The food is fresh, healthy, authentic and the prices are incredible. I have been meaning to write about them for so long now but, until my recent trip, hadn't remembered to bring my camera when I have eaten there in the past.

Travelers menu of traditional Indian style cuisine changes monthly based on what is currently in season and is served Thali style (many small metal dishes of several different menu creations). For only $12 you get a platter filled with a sampling of every item on the Thali menu. In addition to thier amazing vegetarian food Traveler's also serves a masala chai that is brewed on site with hand ground and roasted spices. Their chai can be purchased hot or iced and even bottled in a larger quantity to take with you.

In addition to their cafe Traveler's also has a boutique, Indian grocery, and Herb and tea section. They are a pretty amazing resource.

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Maureen- In front of the Pike Street Caffe Vita on Capitol Hill. Maureen perfectly accented her simple little red dress by adding a wrist full of thin gold bangles and long locket necklace.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Broadway & Pine Street Style

Broadway & Pine on Capitol Hill- I love it when I am taking a picture of someone on the street and their friends happen to walk by us at that very moment looking equally fantastic. I of course always ask them if they want to hop in the picture and, there you have it, group shot! It makes me feel like I'm getting something for free... and who doesn't love that?

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rie & Miles

Rie & Miles- At Olive and Broadway on Capitol Hill. Rie's jeans with suspender straps are such a great take on my current favorite boyfriend jean cut. And I was so excited to see Miles' striking wool coat... It's always fun watching the fall attire slowly start to make its way out of everyone's closet as we slip into the shorter days of late September.

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I found Rachel sitting at a table in front of the Madison Market Co-op enjoying the amazing weather that we have been having the last couple weeks and her accessories were so great that I just had to interrupt her for a moment. She told me a little about her earrings; which were made in California by a jewelry designer who creates no-kill feather earrings with parrot feathers that have fallen off the birds naturally. What a great idea! I guess I had never considered the idea and just thought of all feather accessories as being cruel. I'm interested in finding a local accessories designer who uses this technique. Anyone know of one? Or Rachel, if you see this and you remember the name of the designer that made your fantastic earrings you should let me know who it is.
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Friday, September 18, 2009

Sarah of Sister Wife

Sarah- Keyboardist of Seattle band Sister Wife in front of the Comet on Pike and 10th prior to the band's show. I love that she dresses this fabulously to rock out, how fun! Check them out this Saturday at the Mars Bar on Eastlake... and for only $6! These guys have a really great sound. I've only heard the three songs on the website but I'm really liking their sound.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009


Kelsie- Strolling on her fabulous cruiser at Pine & 14th in front of Online Coffee. I'm so glad that I was walking through this intersection right as she was coming through. I always see people looking so lovely riding their bikes but they are also usually riding down the hills of the city very fast... not conducive to picture taking or an appropriate situation to stop someone for a photo op. When I told her how adorable her outfit was (those shoes are so versitile!) she told me that just a few days prior I could have caught her riding in formal attire, high heels and all, on her way to a wedding. I can only hope that I will happen upon a situation like that someday, how fantastic.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Karyn- Porchlight Coffee

Karyn- In Seattle from LA to see her friend Zach at his newly opened Porchlight Coffee. Zach is the owner of Capitol Hill's Porchlight which opened back in June. The shop is located on 14th Ave between Pike and Pine and serves Herkimer Coffee, Macrina pastries (an amazing European Bakery located downtown), vegan cookies, and here's the kicker... Mighty-O vegan donuts! Local, local, local... I love it. Zach has done a gorgeous job with this space and there is even some outdoor seating to have a seat and do some people watching.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Michael Cepress

Meticulous tailoring, luscious romantic colors, and runway to street styles for men abound at Capitol Hill's own Michael Cepress Studio & Showroom. Upon entering the shop and looking through his collection I found myself individually taking each piece off the rack and examining the expertly crafted smart shapes and intricate details. Michael's recently revamped showroom is now a spacious gallery filled with clothing that could be considered nothing less than magnificent works of art. With the newly increased shop space Michael is looking forward to having a more expansive range of sizes and colors available on hand at any given time. Looking for something made precisely fit to your body and personality? Michael Cepress expertise lies in creating custom garments through consultations and several fittings with his customers to determine and then execute exactly what his customer wants.

With a Masters in Fine Arts in fibers from University of Washington and his undergraduate in textiles from University of Wisconsin he went on to gain extensive experience in tailoring and costume design through his work with several theaters including the 5th Avenue Theater and Seattle Opera as well as creating costumes for international plays. This mastery is clear amongst the 19th century inspired designs that are as fit for the runway as they are for being the sharpest dressed man on the street. I see Michael Cepress' shirts as being the kind of immortal pieces that your grandkids will be fighting over in your closet 40 years from now. Timeless, but with that little edge that becomes only more seasoned with years.

Stop by the store between Bellevue and Summit on Loretta Place in Capitol Hill. In addition to getting to see his collections in person you will find yourself having a great conversation with Michael and leaving feeling just a little more inspired.

RRRRRRRIP Paper Fashion:

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It's My Darlin Featured on CHS!

I was recently interviewed by CHS, my favorite Seattle blog, and it was posted today on their site. This is IMD's first exposure on another website and I am so thrilled about it. If you live in the Seattle area, and especially Capitol Hill, you must check CHS out. It is a constant flow of news and events for the area. Thanks so much Justin for the interest in my site!

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Marleigh & Marina

Marleigh & Marina- Enjoying the last days of summer over drinks and Boggle outside of Bauhaus Coffee Shop on Pine in Capitol Hill.

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Monday, September 14, 2009


Robert- In front of Victrola Coffee on Pike Street in Capitol Hill. Great Boots!

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Sunday, September 13, 2009


Stephanie- In front of Nordstrom in Downtown Seattle.
Her vintage shirt that was once her mom's is getting a second life. Stephanie works at Seven Salon in Pacific Place.
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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ila, Rachel & Erika

Ila, Rachel & Erica- About to pick up their tickets and see Wicked at The Paramount and doing so dressed to the nines. Their looks have been put together playfully without feeling overly thought out letting each girl's individual style really show though clearly. Rachel's combination of a girlie dress and biker jacket is one of my favorite looks being worn right now and I love that she topped it off with that killer headpiece. Her outfit is totally gutsy and she pulls it off with complete grace.

These lovely ladies put a huge smile on my face on my walk downtown for dinner last friday night. I hope they had a perfect evening at the theater.

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Joyeux Anniversaire

It is Don and my one year anniversary this weekend. Although most of our weekends are filled with Seattle adventures we have decided to make this weekend stand out by attending a Prix-Fixe dinner at Sutra in Wallingford and Purple tomorrow night with many fun walks and stops into restaurants in between. I planning on having post to follow with reviews of both dinners. We had originally planned on making a little road trip for the weekend or even flying somewhere but at last minute realized that we were in our favorite city and that our best weekends happen right here.

Happy Anniversary Don! Cheers to all the anniversaries ahead.

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Elizabeth- Pike & 4th in Downtown Seattle.
Elizabeth's gorgeous and vibrant scarf was a gift that her friend brought back for her from Poland. What a timeless piece.
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Friday, September 11, 2009

Cafe Yarmarka and a Taste of Old Russia

Hidden away in Pikes Place Market resides one of my favorite little spots to grab a quick lunch when I'm downtown in the middle of the day. Cafe Yarmarka serves up quick, fresh, natural, homemade Russian cuisine and at a great price. They have lots of options for vegetarians including borscht, salads, and cabbage rolls. I always get the vegetarian cabbage rolls with beet salad and it is absolutely exquisite every time. You can either grab a seat at the counter and watch the kitchen at work or grab your food and find a quite little nook in market. I haven't tried their Piroshkies yet. I think I would feel like I was cheating on my beloved Piroshky Piroshky. Maybe it's time to stray...
And on the subject of Russian food; The Taste of Old Russia annual bazaar is this weekend at St Nicholas Church on Capitol Hill. I have been out of town during this bazaar since I moved to Seattle so this will be my first time attending. It is free and there will be a wide array of Russian foods, vodka, and beer for a small price as well as art and a chance to check out the church. The Bazaar is happening Saturday and Sunday from 12-5.

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Micah- Pike's Place Market.
Vintage fit pants and Toms shoes... 'nuf said.

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