Monday, December 29, 2008

New Years Digs

Aside from a weekend in Vegas I can't think of a better time to bring out the bling.   

Mayle, French Connection, 3.1 Phillip Lim... So many great party dresses!


Saturday, December 27, 2008

So many stairs

What a fun site.  Stair Porn is... a blog all about really neat staircases.  It's worth a peak.

A day in Georgetown

The adventure started with breakfast at The Hangar Cafe.  When we arrived at this little spot on the edge of Georgetown we had planned on grabbing a quick pastry and tea but once we saw a creative menu filled with crepes and frittatas we quickly switched gears.  We ordered the Hangar Crepe but substituted the egg and ham for Field Roast Chipotle Vegan Sausage which went perfectly with the onion, tomato, poblano pepper, swiss, basil vinaigrette and creme fraiche.   It was absolutely delicious.   

The hangar uses fresh local ingredients and makes everything to order right in front of you in their open kitchen .   I sure wish I could post a picture of the beautiful crepe we ordered but it looked so incredible when it came to the table that I didn't even think to take a photo until we were scraping the remnants of sauce and veggies off the plate.    

Georgetown is Seattle's oldest continually settled neighborhood.  At first glance it looks like only remnants of what was once a bustling center of industry.  Many building fronts are boarded up or even falling apart completely.  But mixed into this we found that Georgetown is actually a diverse mix of art, food, shopping and culture.

We came across Fantagraphics Books just off of Airport Way.  This store, which shares a space with Georgetown Records, is in a gorgeous building so we went in to see what it looked like inside.  We ended up looking though their amazing book selection for almost an hour.  I purchased a great book by Jessica Abel and Matt Madden titled "Drawing Words & Writing Pictures".  Had we not been on foot I also would have left with an original work from their current BEASTS Art Exhibition.

Next I had to find the vintage home decor store that I keep reading about in magazines from Domino to Seattle Metro.  Great Stuff Vintage Furnishings was definitely just as great as the reviews I keep reading say that it is.

Owner Kirk Albert has filled his store with endless treasures that would serve as the perfect statement piece in any home or office.

By the time we had wandered through the whole neighborhood the sun was going down and our stomachs were growling.  We ended the trip back near the Hangar Cafe at Vegan restaurant Squid and Ink.

I have seen mixed reviews for this restaurant so I didn't know what to expect.  Breakfast stops at 4pm but when we asked about ordering biscuits and gravy our server said that we could order off of the breakfast menu because the restaurant was slow.  So in addition to the biscuits and gravy we also got the french toast with a tofu and sausage scramble.  Everything was fantastic!  Again, the food looked so great when it came that we forgot all about snapping a shot of our spread.  Luckily I did remember when desert came.  So here is a little Vegan Blackberry and Chocolate Ganache Cake montage...

Pretty much the gooiest, most chocolaty, divine looking cake I have seen.  It had just come out of the oven...
The Mr surveys the job ahead.
Chocolate cake coma. 

All in all, dinner at Squid and Ink was an awesome time.  The service was super friendly, music and environment were spot on, and the food was totally original and tasty.  Added bonus: because the restaurant resides immediately behind King County Airport's landing strip we got the additional entertainment of watching a constant flow of planes landing.  

I recommend spending a day in Georgetown if you live in the Seattle area.  By the time we hoped back on the 60 bus to go back to Capitol Hill we were planning out our next trip.  



Friday, December 26, 2008

Sandra Freij Photography

These photos by Sandra Freij that I came across on Arvida brightened my rainy Seattle day.  Sandra Freij is a fashion and art photographer from Stockholm who has worked with Magazines including Lula and Dazed and Confused. 

This song has me dancing all over the apartment.  

Carrie shoes

  I just found these on  They are just what I have been looking for since seeing the SATC movie many many months ago and at a price even lower than what I was hoping for...  Lots of color options ranging from what you saw on the movie to multi-colored reptile prints.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mandate of Heaven Designs

What stand out pieces! Aside from their Bespoke Denim line, Mandate of Heaven creates its designs partially or sometimes completely from vintage materials. Their photo shoots are fantastic! I like to hop onto their blog every so often to see what fun new photos they have posted of new available designs.

There I go again, posting images of warm weather outfits. I might need a mid-winter trip south.


Song to dance to in these gorgeous garbs: MGMT "Electric Feel"

Yellow Part II

These magnificent pants sure did need to be on my Yellow post a while back.  They required a second edition.  Why I can't get bright yellow off of my mind this winter is hard to say.  

Winter Wedding

I love this.  Snow is a romantic and free decoration.  There are countless show stopping shawls and petticoats to choose from.  Venues are dying for reservations after the holidays... So many great reasons to have a winter wedding!  

Above images from the wedding of Little Winter Bride


Sunday, December 21, 2008

White Christmas...Certainly

Heading downtown from our apartment was quite the task if you weren't wearing some sort of snow boot.

Don and I walked down the street to our friend Eric's apartment which was the scene of the near fatal bus accident.  This happened before the buses starting putting on thier chains obviously.

It is so quiet outside my apartment!  No honking or loud car engines this weekend.

While wandering around in the snow last night the Mr and I followed the sound of yelling, screaming and loud music to a sledding party on Denny hill.  There were possibly 100 people playing in the snow at the intersection of Denny and Bellevue.  It was so surreal seeing such a busy street filled with people rather than cars.  There was a constant flow of daredevils flying down the hill on objects including real-estate signs, laundry baskets and cookie sheets.  My favorite mode of transportation, by far, was the pink surf board pictured below that fit 8 people as a sled.     

With drinks in hand these die-hard Denny sledders could be heard from my apt until 3am this morning.  I even woke up at 8:00 this morning to skiers and snowboarders flying down the hill outside my apt. With no cars driving on the streets and city has become a winter playground.

In honor of what the Seattlites are calling the Snowpocolypse:   Johnny Cash "When the Man Comes Around"

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Far from a style rookie

Have you heard of Style Rookie?  Take a gander this site.  Tavi is a delightful 12 year old fashion blogger from the suburbs.  She has a brilliant sense of style and she posts beautifully shot self portraits of the incredibly creative outfits that she concocts from hand-me-downs and thrift finds.  She was recently the source of some scrutiny regarding her age and whether someone older (parents?) might be behind the blog.  I'm not so sure about these allegations... All I know is that I absolutely love peaking in on her site every once and a while to see what wonderful photos and commentary Tavi has to offer.  12 or not, I think she is great!

Sounds great right now:  Beirut "Postcards From Italy"

Sunday, December 14, 2008

More Headgear... Thanks Foxmaid

Foxmaid never ceases to amaze me with their unique selection of awesome goodies.  Mr Don and I spotted this Goorin Brothers faux fur hat and made a quick b-line for the sales counter.  What perfect timing seeing as it has been insanely cold outside in Seattle these last few days.  If you haven't checked out Foxmaid on Capitol Hill yet I suggest you do so in the very near future.  There are so many beautiful things for your home (and your head!) in this shop but even if you don't end up finding just what you are looking for the trip will be worth it just for the fantastic chat you will have with Lesley, the fabulous salesgirl.  

Song I have played three times already tonight: Dr Dog "The Old Days"

Saturday, December 13, 2008


I love a little touch of yellow.  This last photo makes me love my National Geographic collection all the more.  They deserve to be displayed in all of their glory.  How very unjust that they have been sitting in boxes for the last two years...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Vegan Brilliance!

On a recent adventure in Fremont the Mr and I had a snack at Flying Apron Bakery.  This vegan bakery is unbelievably delicious and the dining area is such a lovely cozy space.  It was practically impossible to decide what to order but I ended up with the pot pie and a chocolate chip cookie. Tasty tasty!  I have also tried an Italian Apron Pocket (calzone) from their booth at the Ballard Sunday Market which was equally wonderful.   
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