Sunday, December 21, 2008

White Christmas...Certainly

Heading downtown from our apartment was quite the task if you weren't wearing some sort of snow boot.

Don and I walked down the street to our friend Eric's apartment which was the scene of the near fatal bus accident.  This happened before the buses starting putting on thier chains obviously.

It is so quiet outside my apartment!  No honking or loud car engines this weekend.

While wandering around in the snow last night the Mr and I followed the sound of yelling, screaming and loud music to a sledding party on Denny hill.  There were possibly 100 people playing in the snow at the intersection of Denny and Bellevue.  It was so surreal seeing such a busy street filled with people rather than cars.  There was a constant flow of daredevils flying down the hill on objects including real-estate signs, laundry baskets and cookie sheets.  My favorite mode of transportation, by far, was the pink surf board pictured below that fit 8 people as a sled.     

With drinks in hand these die-hard Denny sledders could be heard from my apt until 3am this morning.  I even woke up at 8:00 this morning to skiers and snowboarders flying down the hill outside my apt. With no cars driving on the streets and city has become a winter playground.

In honor of what the Seattlites are calling the Snowpocolypse:   Johnny Cash "When the Man Comes Around"
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