Monday, March 30, 2009

Oh Mayle...

It was so heartbreaking to read a couple months ago in W that Jane Mayle has decided to retire her incredible clothing line.  It's so sad to see such a talented designer shut her doors.  I am still anxiously awaiting news about any new endeavors she might to take on... Perhaps she will collaborate with another designer to create a new line.  


Saturday, March 28, 2009


While attending FIT Rubytone New York designer Claire Vuillemot took classes in the nearly lost art of millinery.  You can see this skill utilized in the intricacy of her Spring 09 collection.  Claire has a history of fine art school, window displays, and freelance illustration.  It has all added up to her being able to make every edgy beautiful piece a work of art.  Her accessories hold the same whimsical yet precise qualities.  


Rain Rain Go Away

It's stormy outside today in Seattle but this picture reminds me that spring weather is on the way

Friday, March 27, 2009

Orange Pop

Estee Lauder Orange Poppy looks like it might be a fun color to ease into the orange lipstick world.  It caught my eye at Nordstom last week and got me thinking about giving orange lipstick a try.

Soul Of Rubber

Not too sure where the recent metallic shoe interest is coming from but I have been eyeing these sneaks at Alhambra down by the market all winter.  These rocker high tops by Pataugas might just be the perfect addition to my daily walk to and from work.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Photographer Anna Wolf

New York photographer Anna Wolf's pictures make me so happy.  Her style is so playful yet precise.  Her clients range from travel and decor magazines to retail fashion stores including Urban Outfitters.  And... I want this bedroom that she shot.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Little Red Bike

I came across this adorable wedding on Once Wed and was completely enamored with both the event and the newly married Ali and Evan.  I wandered over to their blog and found that over the last year they have had three, yes THREE, weddings!  The story is just wonderful and you should definitely have a look-see.  This creative duo are the owners of Portland restaurant Little Red Bike Cafe.  This Lombard Street breakfast/sandwich spot looks fantastic (and from the Yelp reviews seems to be mighty popular).  I even saw a few reviews mentioning vegan options...  I'll definitely be checking it out on my next trip down there.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Toms Bling

I love Toms super comfy lightweight shoes.  I was not aware of the huge selection that was available to me all this time.  Mine are a simple plaid design.  I saw these flashy lovelies at Showpony in Fremont a few weeks back and excitedly searched through the boxes of available sizes only to find teeny 5, 6, and 7's... It was so sad.  Not to mention, they were sale for a mere 18!  If you are lucky enough to have some happy bitty feet then get over there and pick these up before they are gone.  If you aren't familiar with Toms and their cause then definitely check them out.  They are a phenomenal company.

100% Organic Mothette Dress by Seattle company Prairie Underground.  This piece was at Showpony in charcoal a while back...
My husband has been strumming this City and Color song on his acoustic guitar over the last week.  I had sort of forgotten about the song until I heard him playing it:  "The Death of Me".  Such a fantastic song.


I really need to spend more time in the kitchen.  I have so many recipes I have been wanting to try.  This month's Vegetarian Times is full of ideas for lighter versions of some of my favorite comfort foods... 
Image from Blogazar


Friday, March 20, 2009


I'm pretty positive that this is the quintessential bathing suit...

I am currently starry-eyed over Lover's Southern Hemisphere Spring/Summer 09 collection.  It's making me want to dress up, dress down, travel and most of all buy it!  Oh, how I love the fashion of springtime.  
Check out this great song:  Curumin "Compacto"

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Beirut Double EP

With a 19-piece band and the help of a translator Zach Condon ventured to Teotitlan del Valle, Mexico to record the first half of his new double EP March of the Zapotec.   The result is an upbeat take on his always familiar sound accompanied by the jams of a well tuned mariachi band.  On the second half of the record-Holland- the music slows down and takes on a sound I found unfamiliar as a longtime listener of Beirut.  This portion of the album can be attributed  to Condon's time experimenting with elctronic sounds in his parent's basement while recording Gulag Orkestar.   These pieces are finally seeing the light of day and they sound sublime!  

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bring on the sun!

Come on spring... I am really ready!



The bigger the better...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Honey I'm Home

It is very rare that I eat dairy but when I do it I do it right...  Last week at the Ballard Farmer's Market I was sucked in by a beautiful spread of deserts at the vendor booth of Ballard catering company Honey I'm Home.   While sampling all of these amazing goodies my eye was caught by a stack of incredible looking take and bake Mac & Cheese. Seeing my excitement, the gals from Honey I'm Home explained that their Mac & Cheese is a family recipe made with Jarlsberg, cheddar, Parmesan cheese and Rigatoni pasta.  The container weighed a ton, looked completely irresistible and was under $10 for a container that easily serves 2.  I didn't hesitate for a second.  These ladies really do an amazing job with all of their food.  All of the samples where delicious.  They gave me a peanut butter shortbread cookie as I was leaving and said "Best peanut butter cookie you've ever had".  Aside from being gone too quickly it was absolutely perfect.  I checked out their catering menu online when I got home and found a great selection of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian entrees.  I am pretty tempted to give these ladies a call the next time I have a dinner party and don't feel like cooking.


Chloe Sevigny...

Perfect outfits, every time...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Great Bainbridge Island Wine

On our most recent trip over to Bainbridge Island we happened upon the tasting room for Eleven Winery.  They share a space with a fellow Bainbridge winery on the main strip of the downtown area.  Husband and wife team Matt and Sarah Albee's day job is software but their love is wine.  Their winery isn't a big fancy building.  It is the large garage at their home.  Sarah was running the tasting room when we stopped in.  For $5 we tasted all of their wines and spent about an hour learning wine, Matt and Sarah's adventures in wine making and laughing hysterically with the other folks in the tasting room.  Even though the tasting room was about to close when we got there Sarah washed some glasses and stayed late for us.  What a gal!  I highly recommend making a stop here the next time you are on the island.  You will have a great time and also most likely leave with a bottle of wine that you are really excited to bring home.  We chose the Alder Creek Syrah...

This posting was prompted by popping the bottle last night and remembering how fantastic Eleven's wine is.  If you can't make the trip out to Bainbridge Matt and Sarah's wine is all available on their website as well as several spots in Seattle and the surrounding area. 

Friday, March 6, 2009

Green New American Vegetarian

We just got back from a trip to warm sunny Phoenix to visit the Mr.'s family (and by warm and sunny I mean in the 90's... in Feb... crazy).  I was really surprised to discover that the Phoenix area has many vegetarian/vegan restaurants to choose from.  We checked out Yelp and found that Green New American Vegetarian had nothing but fantastic reviews and it was also in an area of the city that we haven't spent much time in on our other trips to AZ.  This new favorite spot really proved that you can't make judgements about restaurants by their location.  Green is in a Tempe strip mall surrounded by fast food, car lots, and pawn shops.  If you weren't looking for the name you would never place it as the down to earth eclectic vegan comfort food spot that it is.  Once inside you feel like you have been transported to San Francisco, Seattle, or Portland.  The atmosphere is spot on.  All of the employees that we spoke with were incredibly friendly, adorable, and eager to suggest their favorite items on the menu.

We started with an order of Vegan Chili Fries because the gal who took our order insisted that their homemade chili was unlike any we had ever had.  She was right, it was comfort food to the max.  The super flavorful chili was not filled with beans like your typical vegan recipe but rather a mock ground beef and savory sauce.   The chili was piled high on a large portion of thyme flavored french fries.  

Because we both can't resist any dish with mushrooms as main ingredient we didn't hesitate when choosing the Texas "Moo-shroom" Po-Boy.  This sandwich was filled with "pulled portabella", onions, and peppers that had been slow cooked in Green's Espresso BBQ sauce.  This sandwich was amazing and also messy, just as a bbq po'boy should be.  It wasn't too heavy but just like the chili it was definitely comfort food rather than light vegan fare which was just what we were looking for on this day.  We chose the tahini coleslaw as our side dish.  YUM!

The beverage containers behind me had freshly brewed green tea and a couple other fun organic soda fountain type drinks with creative names.  The tea was great.

Desert was a very hard choice.  On our way out we grabbed this homemade creme filled oatmeal cookie (very reminiscent of the Little Debbie packaged cookies) and we were not disappointed. Aside from all of the cookies at the counter there was an enormous chalk board menu of Green's signature homemade vegan milkshakes that they call Tsoynamis.  Some of the flavors that I can remember were Rocky Road, Almond Joy, S'more, and PB&J (this one caught my eye with peanut butter, grahams, and strawberries).  They had a huge assortment of fun ingredients to build your own creation as well.  All of these are made with a base of Green's vegan sort serve.  We didn't get one of these tasty looking treats because we planned on making another stop in before the end of our trip but unfortunately this never happened.  I will definitley be stopping in on our future trips to AZ!  There is so much left that I need to try.

An ode to the warmth that we left behind in Phoenix:
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