Thursday, December 31, 2009

Josh of Organized Chaos

Josh of local band Organized Chaos on his way to band practice at Broadway and Denny.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Lila- Downtown at 4th & Pine.
This gorgeous mix of bundled up heritage prep looks so right this time of year. Lila has taken many unique pieces and layered them in a way that doesn't feel overdone but instead perfectly put together.

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Timmi- At 12th and Pike on Capitol Hill.

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Monday, December 28, 2009


Nathan- Downtown at 8th & Pine.
A coat can only be made to look this good with plenty of love and wear. This man has great style.

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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hudson Bay Coat Search

The strangest thing happened the other day when I was out on Capitol Hill searching our vintage shops for the perfect Hudson Bay Coat... I didn't find any in the stores but I kept passing people wearing them.

Elise found her short hooded version at Atlas and Amy got her long trench style at Red Light. Ironically I am looking for a combination of these two. A short length with a hood that is double breasted and ties at the waist. I'm being a total goldilocks, I know, but I've had my eyes on the lookout for it for years and I'll come across it someday.

I also came across some amazing photos of "The Blanket Statement" exhibit where 10 Canadian Designers reworked original Hudson Bay Point blankets. These two designs are phenomenal:

(Images Via I Want- I Got)
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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Weekly CHS Hill Style- Aaron, Mark, Lauren, Nikolai & Fawn

See the full feature on CHS

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Renata, Fumi & Rachel

Renata, Fumi & Rachel- I met these three stunning ladies at the Holiday Girl Power Hour.

Russian hat, Check. Long sleeve cocktail dress, check. Vintage inspired gold accessories, check. Totally unique looks on each of them. Renata is a local wedding, party, and event photographer. Definitely check her out at Nataworry Photography. I had so much fun checking out the incredible images on her website. Fumi is a local designer/illustrator. Her company is Alkemi Designs. Rachel Roebuck is a designer for 206 Inc. in Downtown Seattle. All I know is that all three have a knack for styling at perfect party outfit.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Michele Kline of Snap Design

Michele Kline of bag and accessory line SNAP Design at Urban Craft Uprising.
This line of lovelies is handmade in Portland by Michele herself! You can find her pieces all over the country and locally here in Seattle at Velouira (now open on Capitol Hill!!) and Lemon Meringue, and The Paper Doll in Bellingham.
I found Michele's outfit to be so wonderful when I came across the Snap Design booth at UCU. Such fantastic pants!

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Erich Ruff

Erich Ruff- At Olive 8 in Downtown Seattle. Erich is a fashion, portrait and lifestyle photographer here in Seattle. Check out his work.

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Sunday, December 20, 2009


Steph Lavarello- On 6th & Pine in Downtown Seattle.
Steph and I got to talking about our mutual love for vintage clothes and timeless dressing styles. She has vintage clothing booths at both Atlas Clothing on Capitol Hill and The Vintage Mall in Fremont. Looking at her coat and bag it's easy to see that she has a great eye for vintage styles.
Steph also suggested I check out Karen's Vintage Couture on Western Ave. Philanthropist Karen Mayers opened this store to raise money for charity organizations. She accepts donated high end clothing items, cleans and mends them, and sells them in her store to generate money for local and national non-profit organizations. So whether you donate or purchase from her you can do so knowing that you are giving to a good cause. I am so impressed with this idea and I can't wait to get over to the shop soon. Thanks for mentioning it Steph!

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Carmen, Lisa & Jennifer

Carmen, Lisa & Jennifer- At this month's Girl Power Hour at The Copper Gate Cafe in Belltown. These three all moved from different cities around the country to be stylists at Seattle's recently opened Sassoon Salon on 5th & Union. Carmen is the Color Director, Lisa is Creative Director, and Jennifer is the salon's Top Colorist. All three of these lovely ladies were super friendly and incredibly knowledgeable about their field as well as passionate about the Sassoon way. They were telling me that before the Seattle location opened women were flying all the way down to San Francisco from the Northwest in order to get their cut and color done at a Sassoon Salon. If you are looking for a stylist stop by their location downtown and ask for one of these three. Their mission will be to give you a look that works with your the shape of your face and is easy to recreate each day on your own. Sounds amazing!

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Yuliya & Olga Suleymanova

Yuliya & Olga Suleymanova- I came across these sisters on one of this month's very cold afternoons. I came across them, bundled up with warm accessories for a walk downtown together. They were laughing, smiling and not even seeming to notice the cold. Yuliya teaches fashion here in Seattle at the Art Institute and is also currently working on her own designs. I told her to send me her website when it is up so that I can share it with you guys. She also suggested that I check out designer Madina Vadache. Madina is such an incredible talent. Once a Seattle resident, she now lives in New York and does formal and bridal gowns that are incredibly unique and whimsical yet classical and stunning. She has been featured in several fashion and bridal magazines. She is currently working on a new ready-to-wear collection.

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Weekly CHS Hill Style- Aubrei

See the full feature at CHS

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Thursday, December 17, 2009


Amy- At this winter's Urban Craft Uprising. It's hard to see but there are lovely bows on the back of these boots. This outfit has so many great details. You can click on the photo to enlarge it.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sean & Eric

Sean & Eric- These two both work at the downtown JCrew. Everytime I see them they are so well dressed; always putting their own twist on the classic JCrew look. I photographed Eric back in September wearing great casual fall pieces.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Katie- In front of SCCC on Broadway. Love these oxfords and Katie's stunning old Hollywood curly hair.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Boutique Couture Warehouse Sale

Here are a few photos of my favorite booths at the Boutique Culture Warehouse Sale at Olive 8. I really like the concept behind this event and look forward to seeing how it evolves each time it comes around. It was a great to shop locally all in one spot and at clearance prices. And after attending I can confidently say that all shopping should include a mimosa/other delicious champagne drink.

CMRTYZ- I picked up great t-shirt from these guys. If I recall correctly they told me that the image on the shirt I purchased is from a Dead Ghosts gig poster. It was hard to pick. I loved all the shirt designs.

Impulse Boutique- Gorgeous shoes that were unfortunately one size too small for me and insanely good prices on Why Red and Stella McCartney Jeans.

The Boutique Culture booth was full of coats for under $150. I picked up a navy blue velvet RVCA trench coat for only $68.
Frost Donuts to accompany the mimosas.

I also had a chance to chat with one of the event sponsors Adam Sinding of the wonderful street style site Le 21eme Arrondissement. He had lots of great suggestions for using my incredibly complicated Canon. I'm now inspired to take more time to learn about all the functions it has to offer that I don't know a thing about. Thanks Adam!
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Tamara- Post Trader Joe's shopping on Capitol Hill.
I was convinced these boots were vintage but pleasantly surprised to find out that they are perfectly attainable.

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Sunday, December 13, 2009


Pine & 11th- The members of Professor (Shawn, Greg, Blake, and Ian) and friend Emilie the morning after their show at The Comet Tavern. All four members of Professor will also be playing with Huntress (side project of Tuesdae from Chelsea Girls) next year.

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday Morning Perfection

Now this is how I like to start my weekend off. After finishing a long run in this morning's sunny weather I came home to find a table full of gorgeous Lemon Belly cupcakes and unopened magazines I have been meaning to read. It turns out The Don discovered yesterday that Oddfellows bakery does special orders. This may be the beginning of a very beautiful thing. I'm pretty sure the bakers there use some sort of crazy dessert magic in their kitchen. All I know is that it has only been 6 hours and there are now only three cupcakes on this plate. Magic I tell you.

On my run I listened to The Antlers' new album "Hospice". I have been listening to it non-stop since it came out in August. I'm not sure if it was the run or the perfect weather but when Sylvia came on it sounded better than any other time I have heard it. The whole album is so beautiful. I highly recommend checking it out... and at a very loud volume is best.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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Alison & Matt

Alison & Matt- In front of the Paramount Theater on Pine St.

Looking at the picture now I am wishing I would have asked where Matt got his coat. As it has gotten colder these last couple weeks I have seen some great large collared coats. This one is a combination of that and the field jacket that I posted about on CHS yesterday... I really like it! Alison has found the perfect combination of proportions with the pieces she is wearing. Adding in a long button up over her dress keeps it casual and adds an extra layer of warmth. I'm starting to feel like I need two totally different colored denim button ups because I am wearing the one that I have with just about every outfit I can fit it into.

Ironically I ran into these two a little later in the evening while waiting for dressing rooms at H&M. Apparently we were on the same mission when heading downtown. Unfortunately my intention at H&M was Christmas shopping (the kind where you buy things for other people) but I left with a bag of things that were definitely just for me... Christmas can be tricky like that.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

Weekly CHS Hill Style-Lauren

See the full feature on CHS

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blackbird's Birgitta to Close

As I mentioned back in October, I just recently stumbled upon Blackbird's women's store Birgitta. It was love a first sight. So, as you can imagine, I was sad to hear recently that Blackbird has decided to close Birgitta. Though this lovely space will be missed I am confident that the incredible talent behind Blackbird has a lot of new and exciting tricks up their sleeve. If The Field House is any sign of what's to come then sign me up!

In the meantime Birgitta is selling their divine clothing at a two day closing sale this Sunday and Monday. Here are all the details thanks to Blackbird:

As a change in business plan, Blackbird is closing Birgitta, its women's store immediately. A small selection of women’s brands will be integrated into the main floor at Blackbird and the new store, The Field House.

Almost one year ago Blackbird decided to diversify and broaden its reach in the Seattle retail market. Blackbird had been selling menswear to women and also had a successful ongoing women’s rack in Blackbird. Women’s clothing seemed to be the natural next step. After almost a year, it was realized that the other Blackbird businesses were more successful and took far less effort. Closing Birgitta is not easy but we think you’ll be excited about our new projects to come.

The space where Birgitta was will be converted into a private personal shopping studio, and will potentially be used for shop-in-shop/pop-up-shops.

Sunday, December 13th 6pm - 9pm
Monday, December 14th 9am - 9pm

40-80% off

Karen Walker
Helmut Lang
Harputs Own
Harvey Faircloth
Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair
Cosmic Wonder
Deadly Ponies
Patrick Stephan
Boy by Band of Outsiders
Woolrich John Rich & Bros.
and lots of Vintage

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Myra and I crossed paths as I was leaving the Punk Rock Flea Market in Belltown last Saturday. What a phenomenal ensemble! A little sass and a lot of class.
This season's PRFM was extremely fruitful for me. I left with bags of vintage loot from all of the great clothing booths. If you missed the market you can check out my favorite seller Betsy Schairer's Etsy site here and her fun blog here. She is quite the artist and has a great eye for picking the clothes that she sells. Every time I go to the PRFM I end up leaving with a bundle of great new pieces from her clothing rack. In addition to the clothes I also walked out with a belly full of vegan goodies. It seems like the food selection gets better every time.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Don't Let Grinch Steal your Ginch

Last Friday I was invited to attend an underwear show/shopping event put on by Team Diva and Retail Therapy. The divas Kim and Chavi put together an incredible evening filled with drinks, food, fashion and all in the perfect venue for getting a little Christmas shopping done. I also got a chance to meet lots of wonderful It's My Darlin readers!

Mingling before the show

Fabulous hosts Chavi and Kim: The lovely ladies behind Team Diva Real Estate

These onlookers came across some pretty amazing window shopping...

Christy & Morgan of Mini Empire Bakery. These girls made some seriously tasty vegan goodies for guests to graze. They have invented a brilliant creation that they call Scookies... a scone without the massive calorie commitment in the form of a bite size cookie. These two certainly have both your sweet tooth and waistline in mind.

I love this piece!

Noel & Trent

Rocky & Ricardo- These two were the life of the party. They sported their model attire through the end of the night and happily posed for tons of pictures.

Such a fun time!

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