Saturday, March 30, 2013

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Clara Mulligan & Brian Bosworth | Creature

Clara Mulligan Brian Bosworth Pine Street street style fashion it's my darlin' fur coat

Clara Mulligan Brian Bosworth Pine Street street style fashion it's my darlin' fur coat
 10th & Pine

Clara and Brian both work at Creature creative agency on 12th.  It's that window next to Northwest Film Forum that always has amazing artistic displays adorning it. I have wondered what that was for a long time now. Mystery solved!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wesley Mayer & Jamie Kluckow | Bimbos Cantina

wesley mayer jamie kluckow seattle street style fashion bimbos cantina mens suit

You can find Wesley working at Macleod's scotch bar in Ballard. He is also an artist and his work can be seen here. Jamie works at Cafe Vita. I actually photographed her once before on this bench. The perfect spot for her to sneak away on a nice day for her break.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fish en Papillote | Parchment Paper Revelation

A couple weeks ago my friend Janelle cooked me Fish en Papillote and even though it is a really simple concept I feel like she showed me the holy grail of cooking fish. Until now I always dreaded cooking fish in my apartment because I would normally pan fry it and my kitchen and living room would smell like fish for days afterwards. Not only does this eliminate that problem but it is incredibly quick, requires nearly no dishes and tastes incredible because it locks in all the moisture. So, you probably already know about this method of cooking but in case you don't I wanted to share my new favorite way to bake fish for dinner.

fish en papillote

On one half of a large piece of parchment paper pile up your fish steak, whatever veggies you want (we did yellow pepper, onion and artichoke hearts), capers, green olives, olive oil, white wine, salt, pepper  and parsley.

fish en papillote
 Fold over the parchment paper and create pouches by folding and rolling the edges together. Heat oven to 400 and bake the pouches on a cookie sheet for 10-15 min depending on how thick your cut of fish is.
fish en papillote
Dinner! No mess, no smell, just delicious.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Victoria Ries | Lower Queen Anne

Victoria Ries Cape Coat Queen Anne Seattle street style fashion it's my darlin'

Victoria got this cape coat over 20 years ago in Ireland. It looks so current, like something you would see at Eileen Fisher. Such a classic piece.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jenna Howard | Blankets as Scarves Because It's COLD

Broadway  & Thomas

Brrr! It is really cold out! So cold that we are doing things like wearing hats and using blankets as scarves. Well, if it means getting to see more voluptuous winter accessories like this then I'm all in. I have a scarf the size of a blanket that makes an appearance throughout the winter but I don't look nearly this cute buried in mine. Jenna's got those scarf wrapping skills that I'm always complaining about not having.

Stay warm, spring weather is almost here. I can feel it.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hannah Jun & Tim Jo | The Neighbors

Hannah Jun Tim Jo chambray shirt The Neighbors seattle Pike Place Market

Hannah Jun Tim Jo chambray shirt The Neighbors seattle Pike Place Market

Hannah and Tim were checking out Pike Place Market on their visit from LA. Tim might look familiar... He plays a hilarious alien named Reggie Jackson on the ABC show The Neighbors

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Ledger II Release Party!

Ledger Magazine II
Head over to Cafe Pettirosso Monday night for the Ledger II release party. There will be free copies of the much anticipated second issue, drinks and great company. 

Ledger Magazine is created by Seattle based online store Craft & Culture... An It's My Darlin' favorite. Go support them, Craft & Culture is doing amazing things to support independent fashion and design.

Thrift-shop Showdown | The results are in!

It wasn't an easy task but a few weeks ago I got together with staff at The Seattle Times to choose the winners of the thrift-shop show down contest. We received over 400 entries and they were all so incredible! I was blown away by the thrifting skills exhibited in these photographs and it was fascinating to hear everyones take on shopping second hand from how you all got started thrifting to tactics and favorite stores to scour.

Well, here they are! The three winners: Cynthia Simmons, Garrett Boyd and Anna Schier photographed in The Seattle Times studio by staff photographer Erika Schultz.

The photos in the top row are the looks that these three submitted for the contest. The outfits in the bottom row are what Cynthia, Garrett and Anna put together using the $50 that they were awarded by The Seattle Times for their winning submission. Proof that style is accessible to everyone. You can put an amazing outfit together for well under $50. Anna spent barely over $25 on her second outfit for the shoot!

You can see some of the runners up here and read more about the winning outfits here. Geneveive Alvarez, a videographer with the Seattle Times, also put together this video of the photo shoots. 

The Times did such a phenomenal job putting this whole feature together both online and in the Arts section of today's paper. Thank you to everyone who submitted photos to this contest. It was such a success that we will likely do something similar again down the road. Until then, happy hunting!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Healthy Salted Caramel Dip | A Continued Obsession With My New Roots

My New Roots Sarah Britton Healthy Raw Salted carmel dip apple

I just don't know how she does it...

I am completely infatuated with the blog of nutritionist and chef Sarah Britton. My New Roots has opened up for me a whole new world of cooking with whole foods since I discovered it a few years back. I make pretty much everything that she posts and when it is extra extraordinary I like to share with you guys. In the last week I made the raw salted carmel dip you see above as well as a superfood bread that requires only one dish and no rising (for reals!). I'll be posting the bread in a few days but for now I wanted to show you this carmel dip before the weekend.

This dip is out of this world good and made of all good for you things. Medjool dates, almond butter, lemon juice, sea salt and vanilla bean. That's it!  You can find the recipe here. I highly suggest taking a little trip down to Pike Place Market to get dates (or anywhere near you that has them fresh in bulk). I get mine from a stand inside the main arcade. The ones in a package at the grocery store would work fine but fresh ones that are very soft and sticky are so much better. As for the almond butter, both PCC and Madison Market have grind your own available and it is not only less expensive but I think it tastes better when you grind it fresh. Maybe this is just in my head.

In addition to using this as a dip Sarah suggests using it as a spread on toast, as a frosting or as a filling along with fruit in a tart. Snack away, this is good for you!

Also, if you love good food like I do then you will really enjoy this amazing TED Talk that Sarah Britton did. Definitely worth a watch.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Matt Winter | Matt Winter Designs

Matt Winter Designs Seattle street style fashion it's my darlin' leather motorcycle jacket

Matt Winter Designs Seattle street style fashion it's my darlin' leather motorcycle jacket
9th & Pine

Matt is an interior designer based out of LA. With a quick google search you can see his work causes quite a fuss down there, and for good reason! What a talented designer. You can find his blog here.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mary Catherine | The Sun is Out!

Mary Catherine CYDWOQ shoes seattle street style fashion it's my darlin'

Mary Catherine CYDWOQ boots

Mary Catherine Field Jacket scarf seattle street style fashion it's my darlin'
Pike & Melrose

I caught Mary out running errands this morning and she was hesitant about having photos taken because she was in extra casual weekend mode. As you guys know, I loooove well done casual weekend style. 

Mary's boots are by CYDWOQ. Really neat handmade shoes with both the insole and outsole crafted in the shape of the footbed in order to facilitate the natural movements of walking. I'm intrigued.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tortas Barriga Llena on Broadway

Barriga Llena Veggie Torta

There is a new torta shop on Broadway! Barriga Llena opened a location in the old Gaunaco's Tacos space. Yum! The menu is extensive and the food is great. I ordered the veggie torta. It was filled with grilled mushrooms and cheese, lettuce, tomato and avocado on fluffy grilled bread.

Nothing beats my favorite torta in town but Barriga Llena is a close second. I do recommend eating there. The one time we took ours to-go they got a little soggy all wrapped up on the short walk home and weren't nearly as good as they had been fresh.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Louis Gonzalez & Bo Tretheway | Zero Zero Salon

Zero Zero Hair Salon Louis Gonzalez Bo Tretheway
Summit & Pine

Louis and Bo are both stylists at Zero Zero hair salon. They were nice enough to let me bug them for a photo during their break.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Amanda Leaty | University of Washington

Amanda Leaty UW fashion seattle street style it's My darlin' blanket jacket

Amanda Leaty UW fashion seattle street style it's My darlin' blanket jacket

You know, I'm not sure why I haven't spent any time walking around the UW campus for photos yet. It was a bit tricky because everyone was in a hurry. I never stop anyone that looks like they are rushing somewhere... or on their phone. This eliminates the majority of the people on a college campus. I'll be back though. 

Amanda is studying contemporary art at UW. Such a pretty blanket blazer. And I love the creative use of a Frank's Produce grocery tote for a book bag.
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