Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jill & Melodie

It was GORGEOUS outside today! The sun was shining, temps in the 60's, and everyone was outside taking it all in. I found Jill and Melodie enjoying the day at this table outside of Pettirosso on Pike and 11th. If you can nab it before someone else does this is the perfect spot to take in a beautiful day. After chatting for a bit I learned that these two didn't come to the coffee shop together but just happened to be sharing the table. I praised them for breaking out of the Seattle norm of avoiding social contact with unfamiliar people when out and about.

They both work just around the corner from this coffee shop. Jill at my favorite Seattle newspaper The Stranger (has everyone checked out StrangerMart yet??) and Melodie at the fabulous Atlas Clothing (if you haven't shopped here... it's time... such a great vintage shop!). Melodie is also a photographer as well as a hair model for Sassoon Salon downtown who you may remember from this post. I have got to get myself over to Sassoon and try them out, it's official.

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