Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thrifting In Idaho

Before the fated Friday run I got a great day of thrifting in with my friend Jamie (Remember? The friend with the amazing apartment!) outside of Boise in Caldwell, ID where I went to college. I have a few small towns in the Northwest where I love to go to find those one of a kind pieces that end up making an outfit. Caldwell is my favorite of those towns. Leather boots with wood soles from the 70's, Pendleton heritage styles, intricately detailed vintage dresses, 100% wool skirts and handmade sweaters that look like they have been handed down for generations. These are all things I have seen before and a few of them I found again on this trip. The lighting is terrible in the hotel room I'm staying in but I had to show you guys this stuff. I can't wait to wear it all!

Classic classic pieces. Some for wearing some to decorate my apartment. The hat may be my favorite find of the day.
Military button ups, silk demur collared blouses, Pendleton camel blazer, high waisted wool trousers, and a faux fur collar.
I originally tried this dress on as a joke and ended up loving it. It's one of those bad on the hanger but great on the person items. It has little pockets on the front at the hip!
My favorite combination of items from the day of hunting...

I'll post pictures of the early 1900's player piano music scrolls I found when I get home and hang them in my apartment. They are going to be my new living room wall decoration!

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