Thursday, January 9, 2014

North Olympic Peninsula Road Trip... Can't stay away

Don surprised me and got us a hotel room on the peninsula last weekend. If I had it my way we would keep this once a month peninsula trip trend going forever.     

Here's the trip through my iPhone. 

The ferry to Bainbridge

We drove straight through to get to Cape Flattery in time for sunset. When we got to the parking lot we discovered that it was at the end of a hiking trail so we bundled up and ran down the trail. Made it to the end just in time and then hiked back in through the woods in the dark. Beautiful

The road to La Push

A sudden change of trees

Don watching the waves at Beach #4

Rocks formations along the beach

Sunrise and low tide at Beach #4. We had the place to ourselves. 

The grand finale! Fat Smitty's namesake burger. Yes, that is normal size bun.
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