Monday, March 17, 2014

Eastern Washington Taco Crawl

Don had to go to Kennewick for work over the weekend so I decided to tag along. We had all afternoon Saturday to make our way back to Seattle so we decided to turn our trip back into a little self guided tour of eastern Washington taquerias. There are so many over there and you can really cover the range of authentic mexican food styles by going to different towns.
After leaving Kennewick our first stop was Prosser, WA. We made our choice completely based on which storefront was most intriguing. We knew that there was a taco truck in Yakima that we would be stopping at so we decided to go to something different from that. We ended up at a little spot right off the freeway on Wine Country Road called Garcia's Tex Mex.
We got two beef tacos which came with guacamole and one of their larger sized fajita tacos which was on a big doughy tortilla. The small tacos were good but I wouldn't order large taco again. We saw some other people eating the $5 grilled burritos and they looked amazing. But we were on a taco mission... Maybe next time.
There were a few towns after Prosser like Grandview and Zilla and that looked promising for taquerias but we decided to head to Yakima for a couple of places. First up in Yakima was Taqueria  Los Primos. We had been here before years ago and remembered really liking it.
Carne asada, adovada, polla and carnitas tacos with lots of fixins from the salsa bar that is set up on the side of the truck where you would usually find bottled sodas. They also had a heated pot of freshly cooked self-serve pinto beans to put on your tacos. The tacos here were better than Garcia's and the adovado was my favorite in our order.

Next we headed across the street to Taqueria El Rinconsito. These guys have several locations all over Washington. We went to the Yakima location on 1st.

These were the best tacos of the day. We ordered carnitas, pollo, asada and barria and we ordered avocado on the side. The tacos come with a grilled onion and jalepeno and there is an expansive salsa bar. The barria was our favorite at this stop.
On a previous trip through Yakima we ate at Antojitos Mexicanos and loved it. I would recommend that as a sit down restaurant if you are passing through the area.

It is amazing to me how much Washinton changes once you cross over Snoqualmie Pass. It is like two totally different worlds. I'm definitely a western Washington kind of person but, geeez... the mexican food over in the east is so good!




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