Friday, August 29, 2014

The perfect white jeans

I wear white jeans a lot. I am also really bad at keeping clothes white... I spill, spend a lot of time outside and am just not very careful with my clothes in general. When it comes to jeans I like to buy good quality ones that will last and look great but spending a lot of money on a white pair of jeans is a bad idea for me because they just don't stay that pretty white color and then I want to get rid of them. So over the last few years I've tried out white jeans from Zara, Old Navy and H&M in an effort to find an affordable pair in a classic style that can be my go to each time I need a new pair. I think I found them! I bought a pair of of these GAP 1969 mid-rise real straight jeans and they are perfect! Plus, these are on sale for $27.99 and I had recently received an email promo code for 40% off my next order. Yeah... I got two.  I ordered them in tall because they are skimmers. They run a bit small and one thing that never looks good is overly tight white jeans so I recommend ordering up a size. GAP has free shipping over $50 and free shipping on returns for anything that doesn't work.
Sorry, this sort of sounds like an advertisement. (Hey GAP, you should pay me for this!) I just felt like I struck gold with these and wanted to share while they were still on sale.

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