Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A love of handwriting

I've been spending so much time on my calligraphy lately. It's such a fascinating and engrossing art. I have always loved the process of writing and I've maintained snail mail contact with several people as the world has moved from letters, to email, to now mostly just texting. There is something so meditative about writing by hand, I lose myself in it the same way that I do when I draw or paint.

A study came out last year revealing that different parts of the brain are activated depending on whether we are writing in print or cursive. Writing in cursive and having to think ahead about connecting the letter co-activates multiple areas of the brain. It is thought after this study that cursive writing may even be a path to treating dyslexia. Typing on a keyboard doesn't have the same benefits as printing or cursive.

Writing by hand is just like drawing and we all have a personal writing style that we have developed over the years. It's so rare that we get to see a person's handwriting these days though. I love when I get a hand written note from someone and I get to see the style of their handwriting. It's pretty crazy to think that cursive is becoming a thing of the past and that writing by hand is close behind. I'm holding strong. I'll still be sending people mail after the postal service is no longer and mail has to be sent by UPS or Fed Ex...

Get in touch if you are in need of calligraphy or handwriting services!  Let's keep the art of  handwriting alive.

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Anonymous said...

Dana, cursive writing is no longer taught as a subject in elementary schools where I live. Children do not know how to write or read cursive, and school principals say it doesn't matter -- they can use a computer keyboard instead. Unless they have an old-fashioned teacher, a teacher educated in Europe, or parents who persist in teaching them, cursive will disappear. And we wonder why we're losing our competitive edge. Guess what: children in Asia do learn calligraphy in school as a subject. Their language is pictographic. There's so much about the developing brain that we don't know. Maybe there's a lesson for us in all this.

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