Monday, February 22, 2016

Charlotte Emry | What Shoppe | Downtown Tacoma

Another spot that I happened upon during my day exploring Tacoma was What Shoppe up in the Theater District of downtown Tacoma.  This store blew my mind. Charlotte and her husband have owned What Shoppe for over 36 years and they are such a wealth of information about everything they sell from vintage movie posters to model trains and hand painted model train figurines inported from Germany. There are so many weird and incredible treasures in their shop as well as both of their own art. Charlotte does these incredible paintings that range from animation style to realism. 

She happy to spend almost an hour showing me map drawers filled with vintage movie posters a went into details like what style of printing techniques and kinds of paints or inks were used to create each one. It was such a fun time.

If you are in downtown Tacoma definitely swing in and check this place out. I feel like these kinds of places with owners that have such specialized knowledge are hard to come by these days. 
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