Friday, July 8, 2016

Home-brewing Jun | Moonbrew Tonic Co. | Jamie Lee Mock

After years of spending $3 or $4 a bottle on kombucha for the last however many years and saying "I need to learn how to make this" I finally did it! Thanks to my new friend Jamie Lee Mock of The Fresh Method and her recent venture Moonbrew Tonic I'm now brewing my own Jun which is similar to kombucha but instead of being brewed with black tea and sugar it is brewed with green tea and raw honey. 

I couldn't believe the timing when I met Jamie. I had just discovered jun after drinking a honey brew made by Iggy's and doing a little research to find out how it was made and why I liked it so much more than kombucha. Now I was really determined to learn how to make my own at home. That next weekend I was visiting friends in Vancouver, BC and when my new obsession with learning to brew kombucha and jun came up in a conversation my friend Stacy said "my upstairs neighbor Jamie makes jun, you should ask her about it!". What are the odds?? So later that night we invited Jamie over for drinks and learned that she is in the beginning stages of launching her own jun company called Moonbrew Tonic. The jun that she makes is seriously unbelievable!  It tastes like a light bubbly honey wine and she uses local herbs and other plants to add unique flavors and healing properties to her different blends. She was kind enough to walk me through the steps to make jun myself (Canadians are SO nice!!) and now I'm making this delicious concoction myself. The first time around I made a lemon, ginger mango flavored jun and this week I used fresh raspberries from the market to make another batch. It's so good!!

Definitely check out the Moonbrew Tonic instagram (such beautiful photos) and facebook page to stay up to date on when and where you will be able to find Jamie's incredible brew. You can also sign up to be on Jamie's mailing list to be alerted when the company officially launches in August by going to the Moonbrew website. Jun is hard to come by despite kombucha's popularity. Moonbrew Tonic is really unlike any drink I've had and it's so good for you (probiotics!). 

Thanks so much Jamie! I love that we crossed paths at the most perfect time.

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