Sunday, September 22, 2019

Goodbye Seattle Apartment... For Now

Wow, this Thursday Don and I are packing up a U-haul and starting a 4 day trek to our new home in the desert. It's My Darlin' will now be based out of Phoenix, AZ for a bit. Last week, while packing everything up into boxes, it really hit me that this is all happening. We've lived in Seattle for almost 13 years, which is the longest either of us have lived anywhere in our lives. I know we'll return one day but at this point we have no solid plan aside from a couple years in Arizona. After that we'll see where the wind takes us!

I've finished up at my day job, packed up (almost) all of our belongings, given a ton of stuff away, prepped all the plants I didn't sell for their upcoming journey, and gotten our condo ready to be rented out. I love this apartment so much. I've nested hard here. I just hope that the renters we have in the upcoming years enjoy this light filled treehouse as much as we have.

Before I started packing I got some photos of the apartment to use on the rental listing. I've never photographed a place before moving out before. It'll be fun to always have these pictures to remember our home exactly how I had it. It looks like we have some renters all lined up until next year but if you want me to keep you in mind for upcoming vacancies while we are away then let me know and I'll put you on the list of people to contact when that comes up next.

Here's our place!

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