Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The start of a blog

Whether I'm on a walk, wandering around online, or spending time with friends I am constantly finding inspiration in the things I see around me. For so long I have told myself I would start archiving these things for myself and to share with others. There are already so many amazing blogs that focus on this same concept but I enjoy them all so much that I figured it was time to join in. I got married in September and in the months leading up to that day I found such a wealth of ideas and information in the blogs of other soon to be brides. One can spend countless hours exploring these sites and getting lost in the images, the links, and the words of experience shared by others. Prior to planning my wedding I didn't think I was a wedding kind of gal. It turned out that it was just a great excuse to spend time each day searching for inspiration. Now that my wedding day has passed I want to continue searching for ways to inspire and improve. So much goes into the planning of your wedding day. I want to bring that same thirst I had for planning a beautiful wedding to now go towards living well each day.
Song I love right now: Beach House "Master of None"
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