Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Whichgoose Crowns

The Marilyn: Vintage flowers, dark leaves, and some bling

Gretel: Vintage pearl and netting with a Pine cone flower... brilliant!

Poppy:  Flower fascinator/headband with sticks and black vintage buttons.

These headpieces by Whichgoose were created by hand from natural items such as dried leaves, pine cones and sticks, as well as vintage jewelry and netting.  Her pieces are so perfectly put together.   Whichgooses' creations beg to be worn by either an adventurous bride or anyone with a bold sense of fashion. 


Singing along to: Tapes and Tapes "Say Back Something"

1 comment:

vhamster said...

These are great inspiration for the headpieces I've been collecting pheasant and duck feathers to make! (Shout outs to my dad for being so good about sharing his hunting bounty with me and to the Ribbonerie across the street from my place in SF)

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