Thursday, September 24, 2009


I finally tried the hemp soft serve at Healeo on Capitol Hill and YUM! I had stopped in the week that they opened but something was wrong with the soft serve machine so I didn't get to have any and unfortunately I took a really long time to make it back up there.

The set up for the soft serve is a lot like Pink Berry where you choose your soft serve size and then you pick the toppings you would like on it. I chose strawberries to go on my vanilla hemp soft serve. It very literally tasted like strawberry shortcake. Delicious!! We didn't stay at the cafe to eat but before ordering I took a minute to look around at the selection on their shop. There was a lot of pre-made vegan and raw food to purchase as well as a gorgeous array of teas. I think I could really find myself stopping in at Healeo quite often. Vegan soft serve, smoothies, raw vegan food, and natural loose teas... I feel healthier just talking about the tasty things that Healeo offers.

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