Monday, September 7, 2009

Southeast Idaho Photo Journal

I don't get home to see my family in Idaho Falls as often as I would like but when I make the trip it is always filled with incredible home cooked food, gorgeous scenery, and lots of time with my wonderful family. Here are some photos of my recent trip back there.

My mom in her garden

Getting ingredients for dinner

These full bowls make me wish I could have a garden on top of my apartment building

My beautiful Mom and Aunt Jane hanging out in the kitchen

A mannequin in my favorite Idaho Falls antique store... "natural and realistic"...

My Dad and Aunt Jane heading out on the tandem

Grilling zucchini with fresh herbs from the garden for dinner

My mom's creamy pesto portobello pasta with roasted tomatoes and grilled vegetables. My very favorite of all the amazing vegetarian creations my mom comes up with.

My uncle Stewart, uncle Bruce and Dad

I had to pull over on my way to visiting my brother at his home in Driggs, ID. This is the Teton mountain range. It was a perfect day and for a drive.

A grilled vegetable Po' Boy from a vendor at a music festival that my brother and I went to in Driggs.

The craziest thing I saw on my trip. These were in a history museum that we went to in Rigby, ID.

Or maybe this was the most shocking thing in the museum...

The streets of Idaho are so quiet and safe. This adorable girl was hanging outside all by herself with her cats. I had to snap a picture of her.

A week in Idaho was a great break from busy Capitol Hill Seattle. But I'm happy to be back to my wonderful, noisy, and chaotic home. Only a short time left before the cold weather starts showing up. I can't wait to start seeing more fall fashions popping up ready to be photographed.

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