Sunday, March 21, 2010

Flutter of Portland

I've always dreamed of opening a shop filled with beautiful clothes and objects both old and new but with my outlandish (or as I like to call it; unique) taste it always felt like an unreasonable goal. Well, last Friday I discovered that the place I have always dreamed of creating already exists on Mississippi Avenue in Portland and it is called Flutter. I knew the second I walked in that I would be there for a while.

Every inch of this curiosity shop is filled with carefully picked items ranging from fine apothecary perfumes and locally designed jewelry to early-mid 1900's dresses and taxidermy. I was reminded of the NY Times article I posted about last year on the New Antiquarians. I feel so inspired by this mix of old and new.

"King", Flutter's sweet sweet shop cat, is at home amongst all the Flutter clutter.

I left with these two lovelies. A 1950's tiered lace blouse and a frisky little vintage sun bather. I'm really excited about both of them.

Owner Cindy Tiehen Rokoff is previously from Seattle. She owned a boutique here on Capitol Hill called Dirty Jane's. With Flutter, she has created a one of a kind place in which you feel like you have stepped into a whimsical yet gritty dream. I saw a new side of Portland on this trip while wandering the city with my dear friend Amenee. There is so much I still need to see on future trips. So readers, what other places are not to be missed? I want to check out a new neighborhood each visit and I would hate to unknowingly walk past an incredible spot.

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