Saturday, March 27, 2010


Jessica- On 5th & Pine in downtown Seattle.

This may be one of my favorite photos yet simply because of how well and how confidently Jessica wears this outfit. My goal from the beginning with photographing street style here in Seattle has been to capture people's personal style... not what is trendy, not what I necessarily think will be popular with readers, and not even what I think defines the way Seattle dresses. I simply look for people who seem to exude a true comfort in what they are wearing and look good because they are dressing in a way that makes them happy. Because Jessica was doing just that when I saw her she looked absolutely stunning to me.

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Elea Carey said...

Yes, she looks very much at home. And there's something I really love about the relationship between the boots and the skirt -- they're sort of alike, they kind of reach for each other.... It escapes my articulation a little bit but it gets my attention.
So what are people wearing in today's downpour, Dana?

dana said...

Is it super rainy there this weekend? I am in Idaho for a week. My guess though is Hunter Boots, duck boots, or soaking wet trackie shoes... I haven't noticed anyone wearing any rain ready clothes this year. Just an umbrella and their normal attire. I always go out on rainy days hoping to see gorgeous trenches and very rarely do.

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