Monday, September 27, 2010


Don and my 2nd anniversary just passed. This year we opted to stay in and the chef experimented with some southern vegan fare for us to eat on the porch.

Salad greens with edible flowers from the Georgetown farmers market with a lemon dill vinaigrette.

Homemade BBQ portebello mushrooms (a two day long cooking process) on a brioche bun with sea salt and truffle oil fries and coleslaw.

Roasted pineapple topped with hazelnut chocolate, sweet marscapone and homemade whipped topping (this portion was most definitely not vegan but most definitely delicious!).

It was a perfect night. Happy Anniversary Don!

Ps. Remember that oatmeal brulee I was flipping out over from Gravy in Portland? Don surprised me with his own version when I got home from my run the next morning. Now my new favorite breakfast!
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