Saturday, January 1, 2011

Maikoiyo & Ashley

Maikoiyo & Ashley- In front of the Paramount Theater in downtown Seattle.

Maikoiyo is the creative director of Pun(c)tuation gallery and clothing shop. Ironically, this Tuesday I am meeting with Matt Noren who is the founder of Tarboo Inc clothing which is sold at Pun(c)tuation. So, coming soon will be a post on this creative space that Maikoiyo is a part of and the timeless heritage style shirts that Maikoiyo is now collaborating with Matt on (the shirt peaking out under his coat is a Pun(c)tuation by Tarboo). Small small world... We live in a city filled with such a wonderful collection of creative people. It is apparently impossible to take a walk without crossing paths with (or in my case taking photos) of one of them. I love that.

Fun fact: Maikoiyo's bag was actually the diaper bag that his parents used when he was a baby and his coat once belonged to his father. Both such great pieces.
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Stacy said...

Awesome bag Maikoiyo!

Crystalyn Kae said...

just stumbled upon your blog and am so stoked to see your fresh take on the seattle scene. Spotting my green Metier tote on Ashley's arm was just the icing on the cake! fab work, you have a new fan! xoxo

dana said...

Crystalyn- I am so glad you happened upon my blog and got to see your bag in action!! I checked out your site and your bags are beautiful!

Catie Beatty said...

I'm very lucky to know this stylish couple. Ashley is a muse to all who know her :)

Love your blog!

dana said...

Yes, she is so very stunning! Glad you came across this photo then since it is from awhile back.

I clicked over to Fleur d'Elise... You have a beautiful sense of style! I had such a great time wandering around looking at old posts. Keep it up!

I just about died over the vintage velvet midi skirt you were wearing on a post. Whew! great find!

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