Thursday, December 30, 2010

Etcetera Jewelry

Photo by Frank Correa

Remember Anthony? I took his photo a little over a year ago and to this day it is one of my favorite shots so far since starting the blog. Well, I was so excited to hear from him recently when he wrote to tell me about local jewelry designer Meghann Sommer. I checked out her website and immediately recognized her designs as the very same ones that I drool over every time I stop into Cairo for a little shopping. &c Jewelry is such a beautiful handmade mix of primitive organic materials and industrial chains and hardware. Each piece feels like it could go just as well with jeans and a t-shirt as it would with your little black dress on a night out. It is art like this that leads me to a question that I ask myself all too commonly: Why do people seek out mass produced accessories from big box stores??? Boys, next time you are looking to get your lady something that will send her over the moon steer clear of the mall and instead support a local artist like Meghann. Check out the &c website here and Meghann's blog here. Her jewelry can also be found at some of my favorite shops in Seattle: Cairo, Velouria and Fancy.
Photo by Tomika Davis

Photo by Meghann Sommer

Photo by Tomika Davis

Photo by Frank Correa

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1 comment:

Stacy said...

Meghann is doing some gorgeous work! Once again, thanks for sharing with us Dana!

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