Monday, February 21, 2011

In Memory of My Brother

I haven't spoken about it before on this site but a year ago today I lost my brother and my best buddy Wray. I've been thinking of him all day; going over and over my favorite happy memories of our growing up together and becoming closer and closer friends as we got older. From adventures in the woods behind our house in Connecticut all the way up to him standing next to me as my "Man" of honor at my wedding two years ago. One memory that popped up for me this morning was of an email he sent me a couple weeks before he died. In that email he sent me a link to his friend's website Teton AT that had featured a photo of him skiing a couloir on Mount Prospectors (above). Along with the link he joked that maybe he could be featured on my blog for his "street style" someday. I laughed it off and, as always, got a kick out of the fact that an avid outdoorsman like him would even have any interest in the fact that his little sister had a fashion blog. He was always so supportive of me no matter what I did. So, I figure what better day to feature Wray Wray's "street style" than on today's post.

Love you Wray.

Wray and I hiking before we could hike...

If you are interested in learning more about the incredible life that my brother lived as well as the work that he did as a conservationist click here for his obituary, Teton Land Trust Tribute, and a news article in the Jackson Hole News.

Thanks for listening readers.
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