Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's My Darlin' In Lucky Magazine!

Well I must say, I was shocked and totally elated yesterday afternoon when I picked up the March issue of Lucky Magazine and found that the photos they had asked my permission to use had most definitely made their way into print. I try not to get my hopes up about these sorts of things because you never know when plans will change. But, Hooray! There they are on page 130! Lucky was kind enough to send me a full image of the page this morning so that all of you wonderful readers can see it. Say hello again to Sharon, Caryl, Paulina, and Kim. I'm so happy with the four lovely Seattle ladies that Lucky chose for the feature.
In addition to this being a super exciting issue for me I was also thrilled to find some of my favorite local shops featured in the City Guide to Seattle that is featured in this issue. Editor at Large Elise Loehnen explored the city to find the best of the best shopping to be had here and I must say that she came up with a pretty incredible collection of spots for her list. This is a good month to grab yourself a Lucky Magazine if you are a Seattleite...

Thanks for loving Seattle as much as we do Lucky! You guys are awesome.

(Images courtesy of Lucky Magazine)

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