Friday, July 29, 2011

Recent Don Desserts

I have a few food posts I have been meaning to put up. Here are a couple desserts Don has made in the last few weeks...

Apple Pie
Don's secret to a perfect apple pie is to pour in the filling sauce once the pie is filled with the apples and covered in lattice. This created a sugary crystalized crust topping once cooked. What a perfect apple pie!

An entire bark of white chocolate was melted in the double boiler and then poured into the cheesecake mix before it went into the springform pan. The large proportion of chocolate within the cheesecake made for one the richest and most silky desserts I have ever eaten. He worked from this recipe.

Tonight; chocolate apricot oatmeal cookies for molly moon filled ice cream sandwiches. We are having family over tomorrow for homemade Chicago style pizza dinner and the cookie sandwiches are going to be dessert!
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