Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hill Style- Jane & Sharon

I found Sharon again recently looking just as well styled as the first time I took her photo last year and her friend Jane made my day with her pink pants. This was my photo choice for the most recent Hill Style piece over at CHS.

The photo I took last Sept of Sharon and her friend Caryl is also one of the outfits that Lucky Magazine used in their Style Spy section earlier this year.

Lots of hyperlinks today...

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Al said...

they're cute. i like it when i see friends that have totally different styles.

LOVE those pink pants. :)


Jenny said...

WOW I love this photo. Both girls look gorgeous!

I recently went to Seattle for 4th of July weekend. I stayed with my cousin and her husband, who live on Capitol Hill, so I spent a lot of time there. Now I can look through your blog and recognize all the street names and backdrops!

Tannya Bernadette said...

Cherry colored pants in Seattle! So daring, but a much needed color-pick-me-up on a summer rainy day. Thanks Dana!

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