Saturday, September 17, 2011

Carly & Nate

Seattle Street Style

Seattle Street Style

Carly & Nate- 2nd & Pine

This lovely couple moved to Seattle from Salt Lake City. I haven't spent time in SLC for years (I used to live a fews hours away during my time spent growing up in Idaho Falls). They told me that Salt Lake has gotten pretty stylish in recent years. I did some hunting to see if I could find a fashion/street style blog for the area and wasn't able to come up with anything. If you guys know of any let me know...

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Plami said...

They're so adorable!


Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

I love her short hair - and the rolled pants makes her look fun and approachable.

I have a fun Oktoberfest Themed beer stein giveaway going on if you'd like to sign up.


Christy said... Provo blogger, but close to SLC.

Rhonda said...

I love her rolled pants and oxfords together. Looks great and comfortable too!

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