Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Visit From Henry

My stylist Henry was visiting from San Francisco recently so I got a chance to catch up with him, have him work some magic on my hair and gush about our mutual love for San Francisco (of which I will be going to for my birthday in October!). A visit from Henry can't go without some photos of what he is wearing. He has such great style.

If you live in the San Francisco or have plans of visiting there I can't recommend Henry enough as a stylist. He always has such insight into what will and will not look good on a person. If I have an idea for my hair and he doesn't think it will look good he tells me and then he dreams up an even better plan than the one I came into the salon with. You can find him at Edo Salon in Lower Haight.

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Michelle said...

I used to see Henry too! He was amazing! I haven't been satisfied with my haircuts since. Have you been able to find a decent, reliable stylist, and, if so, might you be so kind as to share the info? :)

dana said...

Michelle, can you believe that I still haven't found anyone. I usually go to San Francisco once or twice a year and Henry makes trips here every so often so my hair style has had to change to one that requires very little maintenance (I'm rockin the Ombre by default...). I hear great things about Sassoon downtown. I have gotten my hair cut there once since Henry left and was very happy with how it turned out but I haven't tried their colorist yet. If I find anyone though I will post about it on here and if you find someone you should let me know. Do you have blonde hair?

Michelle said...

Sadly, I can believe it! I am not a blonde, nor do I color my hair - that helps somewhat.
I'll have to look into Sassoon. I've been going to Vain for quite a while now and haven't been overly pleased, so my hair has become long and boring with no style. I'm itching for something a bit more stylish. I'll let you know if I find anyone fantastic! :)

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