Thursday, October 13, 2011


Baguette Box on Pine in Capitol Hill
Phil was visiting Seattle from Baltimore the day that I came across him. I feel like there is always so much that I need to tell people about when they are staying in Seattle for the first time. I have so many favorite neighborhoods, stores, restaurants and hikes. Maybe I need to come up with a condensed list of highlights redily prepared for these exact encounters. A list that includes maybe three neighborhoods and two not-to-be missed things in each one... Might be impossible but I am going to work on it.

PS. Loving these socks

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Kym+Dustin said...

now I'm curious...what are your favorite hikes? i haven't explored many of those yet.

Laura said...

Love the Chukka Boots - I hear that in the midwest, that seems to be the big 'thing'... LOL

dana said...

Kym+Dustin- My favorite in town hiking is at Seward Park and Discovery Park... oh and at low tide along Shilshole/Garden of Gods. As for close but out of town hiking I really enjoyed Little and Big Si as well as Denny Creek back when it was warm out.

Laura-I love them too! They are so universal. They look great on everyone. Even on us ladies. And so comfy.

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