Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow Day Part I

Snow fashion
Snow Fashion
Allison- Broadway & Mercer

Snow Fashion
Snow fashion
Josh- Oddfellows Pine & 10th

Snow Fashion
Snow fashion
Savannah- Broadway & Howell

After a long weekend battling a brutal cough/cold/flu/something horrible I finally woke up feeling better this morning. I bundled myself up, threw on some snow boots and headed out to look for photos in something you guys don't ever see on here... Snow! I was out for a while and passed quite a few people who caught my eye. Here is the first half... more to come tomorrow.

Hope you all are enjoying this weather as much as I am. Being from Idaho, I feel right at home.

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Lizzie said...

Aren't you just loving this weather?! So pretty!


dana said...

I am!! It is so surreal having the roads empty and seeing everything covered in white. It is so quiet. I'm so glad I don't have to be anywhere today.

Hope you are getting to enjoy it too!

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