Thursday, March 22, 2012


Seattle Street Style
Seattle Street Style
Seattle Street Style
17th & Denny on Capitol Hill

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Allie said...

He looks like he's from another era! Amaze!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Really great style for such a young age!

The shoes are perfect, but why, oh why, can't shoe manufacturer's make shoes in width's (B,C,D,E, etc...) anymore???? Yes, some do, but never the most stylish ones in the line. Many manufacturer's did 'til the mid-70's, I remember, but not anymore.

Stacy said...

I love this ensemble Tristan.

Tristan said...

Thank's for all of the compliments,too bad I just woke up or else I would probably look less out of it. I got most of my clothes from Bon Voyage Vintage on 17th and olive check it out sometime it's a rad store.

skylar counter said...

Cute cute cute boy.

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