Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hana and Craft & Culture

Seattle Street style
ankle boots
Pine & Broadway on Capitol Hill

Hana is the creative mind behind an amazing Seattle run online shop called Craft & Culture. Hana started C&C in 2011 as a place for artists to share their creations with an audience seeking unique and special pieces both to for wearing and for the home. The really amazing thing about C&C is that it allows you the opportunity to learn about the designer behind what you are buying. Remember the post that I did a while back about &c Jewelry ? &c designer Meghann Sommer is one of the artists featured on C&C along with several others that are equally special. Go check it out! The lookbooks are absolutely stunning and full of inspiration.

I took the below photo of Hana back in 2009 at a Seattle Center Mural summer concert. I love running into you guys through the years and seeing how your style has evolved. Hana remains ever classic.
Seattle Street Style

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