Friday, August 31, 2012

Two Weeks with a Vegan

My cousin Sarah stayed with me over the last two weeks and as a trade for the guest room I proposed she do the cooking. Sarah is a vegan so the cheese, butter and eggs in the fridge took a little time off and fresh farmers market veggies became the focus of our meals together. I picked out recipes from the always inspiring My New Roots and a site I recently discovered called Healthy.Happy.Life.

Follow the hyperlinks for recipes...
Vegan Recipe Raw Pad Thai

Recipe Vegan Creamy Minted Pea Soup

Recipe Vegan Black Eyed Sweet Potato Sliders

Recipe Vegan Split Pea Sunshine and Saffron Soup

Recipe Vegan Tower of Power and Cilantro Pesto
Tower of Power- made with Green Giant Cilantro Pesto in place of egg

Lucky me, what a delicious week!  In between these dishes were a lot of fresh smoothies made in the Blendtec as well as a few restaurants.  Needless to say, we ate well. It is always good to be reminded that every meal doesn't need to have animal products and that vegan doesn't always mean creating dishes that replicate meat. Fresh produce and herbs do a fine job standing alone.  These dishes reminded me a lot of my experiences dining at Sutra in Wallingford. 
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