Monday, November 23, 2009

Sutra Vegetarian Restaurant

This is long overdue but we went to Sutra in Wallingford a while back and I have been meaning to post about it since. The menu at Sutra changes every few days in order to utilize the current available local and organic ingredients that Seattle and the surrounding areas have to offer in order to create a creative and thoughtful vegan pre fixe dinner each weekend. Our evening was incredible from the moment we arrived and were greeted by the the staff who would be creating and serving us our dinner from the small efficient open air kitchen.

We started off with Blueberry Hybiscus Sparkling Elixer w/ agave nectar. Not too sweet and completely refreshing.

The smoked lentils used to create the first course were created in Sutra's in house smoker that has never seen meat. I had never heard of smoking things other than fish and meat but after eating this dish I can't believe it isn't done more often.

I was weary when I read on the menu that there would be grilled cantelope in this salad. I quickly found out that cantelope loves being grilled and I love grilled cantelope. I think what made it work so well in this dish was being mixed with a spicy dressing. It was such a complicated mix of flavors but it all tasted so refreshing together.

Because of this dish, I am certain that you could bring even the biggest carnivore here and they wouldn't even notice the absence of meat. The chile was stuffed full with hearty vegetables and a pecan cheese that may have finally made me question my across the board dislike of vegan cheeses. The idea behind this dish was a wonderful mix of comfort food and creativity. The flower adorning the potatoes was not only edible but it was grown in the garden behind the restaurant... I just kept getting more and more impressed with every course.

And finally dessert. This ice cream was exactly what I am always hoping to taste when I buy vegan ice cream at the store. Vegan ice creams always have a flavor I can't quite put my finger on that I don't like. Sutra's version however was bursting with flavors of berry and coconut. The ice cream alone was amazing but they, of course, added an incredible freshly created topping of caramel glazed white peaches made right in front of us in a saucepan.

If you are looking for a place to celebrate a special occasion, or if you are a vegan looking to bring non-vegan (especially those weary of a dinner without meat) somewhere that they are guaranteed to love, you can't go wrong with Sutra. I have a feeling that my next visit won't be able to wait for a special occasion. I'm already ready for my next trip.

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