Monday, October 1, 2012

Cat | RTH by René Holguin

Cat was nice enough to let me snag her away from her husband and kiddos at the Ballard Farmers Market (see that super cute and also stylish little gal to the right in the top picture watching her mom get photographed...).  These jeans caught my eye from way down the street so it was ultra satisfying when there was a story behind them. Every time she visits her sister in L.A. Cat goes to RTH in West Hollywood to get something new for herself. One trip she got this hand made belt, another trip she came home with these completely perfect jeans designed in shop.  The clothing and accessories at RTH are designed by René Holguin who has worked at Ralph Lauren, JCrew and Levi's... Whew, all amazing crafters of denim.  

Ironically, I am going to L.A. this week. RTH is definitely on the agenda. So are a slew of restaurants and a day of roller coaster riding at Magic Mountain. If there is anywhere I shouldn't miss while I am down there let me know on the fb page or at  

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