Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day Trip | Skagit County

A little while back Don and I had a day free while he was in town so we headed north to Skagit Valley.  It seems lately, with him traveling as much as he has been for work, we've been doing more and more epic day trips to try and check out all the places we have been meaning to check out over the last couple years.

So, here it is, a day trip through the Skagit Valley... 

Mr.T's Mt Vernon

Mr.T's Mt Vernon

Mr.T's Mt Vernon
We started the day with brunch at Mr. T's in Mt. Vernon.  This place was so fun. It reminded us of some of our favorite greasy spoon diners off the highway in southeast Idaho (there are a lot of them there and we both miss them).  Unable to decide between breakfast and lunch so we got both. Eggs Benny, Seafood platter, clam chowder and that obscene plate on the bottom... well, that's the biggest biscuit and gravy dish I've ever seen and it was the half order. Insane or delicious? Possibly both. Our server was so friendly, asking about our agenda for the day trip and giving us suggestions for places to check out along the way. It was such a fun stop and the bill was something crazy like $26. 

Bowman Bay
We headed out to Bowman Bay and walked until we ended up at this gorgeous lookout on the Lighthouse Point hike.

Bowman Bay

Bowman Bay
The trailhead for the Bowman Bay/Rosario Head Trail

Bowman Bay
There was so much to see at Bowman Bay that we never made it to the south side of the bridge so we will have to make another trip to check that out.

Last stop: La Conner.  We took the long way and drove down back roads along the farms that are scattered around the valley.  Most of the farms had stands along the side of the road or signs enticing passers by to come see what they had to offer.  It was hard to drive past everything.

We ended up in downtown La Conner for dinner at Nell Thorn.
Nell Thorn Crab Cake

Nell Thorn Clam Toscana

Crab cakes and Clam Toscana

This was the perfect meal to end to our long day.  We ate in the pub and people watched over wine.  The food at Nell Thorn is made with fresh seasonal meat, seafood and produce from the area with a simplicity that really lets the ingredients shine. 

After dinner we sat on the docks at the edge of main street and shared an eclair that we picked up earlier in the day at Calico Cupboard in Mt. Vernon and then we headed home.  A lot of good stuff packed into one day.

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