Saturday, December 22, 2012

Gregory Paul | Pike Place Market

Gregory Paul Pike Place Market Banjo seattle street style fashion musician It's My Darlin'

Gregory Paul Banjo PIke Place market seattle street style fashion it's my darlin' hat

I caught Gregory finishing up his set at the market last week. He plays the Banjo beautifully and even in this cold weather manages to be well dressed while doing so. 

I've been listening to his album Little Black Train all week. It so appropriate as my soundtrack while I am walking from place to place bundled up enjoying winter surrounded by holiday decorations. For some reason I associate banjo music with two totally opposite times of the year... camping in the summer and snowy winter days in Idaho. 

You can find Gregory on facebook and you can buy his album here. Or better yet, find him at the market where you will get to see a live performance of his music and buy his album in person.

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