Sunday, March 17, 2013

Thrift-shop Showdown | The results are in!

It wasn't an easy task but a few weeks ago I got together with staff at The Seattle Times to choose the winners of the thrift-shop show down contest. We received over 400 entries and they were all so incredible! I was blown away by the thrifting skills exhibited in these photographs and it was fascinating to hear everyones take on shopping second hand from how you all got started thrifting to tactics and favorite stores to scour.

Well, here they are! The three winners: Cynthia Simmons, Garrett Boyd and Anna Schier photographed in The Seattle Times studio by staff photographer Erika Schultz.

The photos in the top row are the looks that these three submitted for the contest. The outfits in the bottom row are what Cynthia, Garrett and Anna put together using the $50 that they were awarded by The Seattle Times for their winning submission. Proof that style is accessible to everyone. You can put an amazing outfit together for well under $50. Anna spent barely over $25 on her second outfit for the shoot!

You can see some of the runners up here and read more about the winning outfits here. Geneveive Alvarez, a videographer with the Seattle Times, also put together this video of the photo shoots. 

The Times did such a phenomenal job putting this whole feature together both online and in the Arts section of today's paper. Thank you to everyone who submitted photos to this contest. It was such a success that we will likely do something similar again down the road. Until then, happy hunting!

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