Sunday, April 7, 2013

Grey Gardens Mimosa Brunch Ticket Giveaway: Winner!

Originally, I intended to choose my favorite from your submissions but then the emails started coming in... You guys are so creative! A velvet romper (Xela), a chartreuse turban (Alicia), Grandma's fur coat (Tina) and this frog purse sent in by Amanda who might look familiar to you from being featured numerous times on the blog. It was given to her as a secret Santa gift last Christmas.
taxidermy frog purse

I knew by the first day that I wasn't going to be able to pick so instead I used put all the names into a virtual name drawing program online and let fate decide because I would have chosen all of your entries if I could have.

And the winner is: Victoria Shutts

She wrote "... My quirkiest item in my closet is a little brown leather fanny pack. I'm not ashamed. At all." Victoria blogs at Cat's Dreaming in Keylime.

Thank you everyone for entertaining me with your submission and thanks to SIFF for contacting me with this idea. I should do more things like this on the blog. I love hearing from you all about your personal style.

Tickets are still available for the Grey Gardens mimosa brunch. You can purchase them at SIFF's website. It is going to be a really fantastic day. Enjoy!
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