Thursday, May 16, 2013

SIFF Opening Gala 2013 | Much Ado About Nothing

Joss Whedon Amy Acker Clark Gregg Nathan Fillion Much Ado Seattle SIFF
Joss Whedon, Amy Acker, Clark Gregg and Nathan Fillion

Wow, what a fun night! I had such a great time photographing people at SIFF's Opening Night. Here are just a few of my favorite photos but you can find many more of the shots I took over at the SIFF facebook page and they will be continuing to add the rest of them in the upcoming days. Thanks to all of the readers that came up and introduced themselves! It was so great to meet you.

Mary Bacarella SIFF Opening Gala 2013
SIFF Managing Director Mary Bacarella
rachel eggers

I will be at the Centerpiece Gala on June 1st and the Closing Gala on June 9th. Can't wait to see what other great outfits make an appearance!  See you there.

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