Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's My Darlin' in Germany's Blonde Magazine

I was recently contacted by German fashion magazine Blonde to help with a piece they were doing about traveling to Seattle on a budget. I contributed a few photos (some of your lovely faces and oufits can be found in the photo slideshow) as well as suggestions on where to get the most for your money while traveling here when it comes to food and shopping. I sent them a list of a lot of places... it was so hard to narrow it down! They ended up including quite a few including my beloved Indian Summer, the ladies over at Kaleidoscope Vision, the good old Fremont Sunday flea market, Marination Station's mindblowing torta and my new favorite dessert spot: Hot Cakes in Ballard.

You can find the article here. I put it in Google translate and while you can get the general idea of what is being said there were a few things lost in translation.

Thanks for showing Seattle some love Blonde Magazine!

It's Mackenzie and Ria!

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