Sunday, June 30, 2013

Future Beauty at SAM

I spend a lot of time at SAM. I love having a membership so that I can pop in for a minute when I need some quiet or if I'm looking for some inspiration. Sometimes I will just go to see one specific piece and then I head back out on my way to wherever I was going.

When I went to see Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion last week it was anything but a quick stop. In fact I think I spent more time at this exhibit than any other art exhibit I have ever been to. If you are interested in reading a review check out Laura Cassidy's write up for Seattle Met or this piece by The Seattle Times. I just wanted to make sure I let you guys know that you will be so happy that you went to see it and you might be like me and never want to leave. This is the greatest show I have seen come through SAM. I'll be making a few more trips before it moves on to it's second and final stop in the US.

And what better time to go than this week, you can have some of that sweet sweet air conditioning... I imagine most of you are as overheated as me right now.

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