Thursday, December 19, 2013

Visiting home through my iPhone

I just got back from an early Christmas visit to see my family in Idaho and Wyoming. I didn't bring my big girl camera but I have really been enjoying taking photos with my iPhone. Here are some of the things I saw as I  traveled from Utah to Wyoming to Idaho. 
I love when it's clear flying in and out of Seattle. I always reserve a seat by the window on the left side of the plane when leaving and on the right window side when flying back. This scene just doesn't get old.

The salt flats coming into Salt Lake are incredible from the air in the winter.

Landing in Jackson Hole, WY is a unique experience. The plane lands on a short snowy runway, flip a u-turn and drive back to the airport on the same runway. 

Croque Madame with my sister-in-law in Jackson Hole before heading off to Idaho

The top of Targhee Ski Resort with my parents

A Wes Anderson-esque shot of my dad in front of the little library where my parents live in Driggs, ID

Looking over Bridger-Teton National Forest

"Downtown" Driggs, ID... Lots of pickup trucks

Skate skiing in Teton Canyon

Moonlit skate skiing adventure with my dad in Teton Canyon

We saw so many animal tracks while backcountry skiing; bears, moose, deer and little critters. This one we couldn't figure out. I put my hand print next to it to provide some size reference.  Hmmm.

Square ice cream in Swan Valley, ID. 

Windmills outside of Idaho Falls, ID
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