Saturday, June 3, 2017

At Home With Jess Marie Griffith

I met Pine + Boon designer and artist Jess Marie Griffith a couple years ago when she was working at Moorea Seal in Belltown (where you can find some of her designs by the way!). She had such great style. I photographed her outside the shop and have been following her work since. Jess was nice enough to invite me into her Seattle home and studio for an afternoon to photograph where she and her husband, artist Cable Griffith, live and work with their son Forest. We lucked out and it was a gorgeous spring day. Jess invited her friend, BZR designer Tiffany Ju and her son Rosco over and we spent the afternoon chatting in her gorgeous backyard and home.

Jess's studio is in her backyard. It is such a perfect quiet space for creating. Amazing!

Jess' studio desk, Pine + Boon bags, a bookshelf in the studio

Jess and Cable's home is filled with art by friends and Washington artists that they admire. It is like a live-in gallery.

A Pine + Boon wallet, Rosco and Luna scoping out the scene in front of the house, Tiffany and Rosco (so sweet!)

The baby room. So lovely

MoneyPenny sleeping under artwork by Jess' husband Cable, Luna being a ham, a corner of the open kitchen

Thanks for having me Jess!

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