Tuesday, June 9, 2009

PRPS Jeans Love

Whether she stole them from Tom's closet or bought them for herself I have been loving these jeans...

The amazing jeans that you have been seeing Katie Holmes wear for the last two years are made by PRPS clothing company.  I was reading on their website that founder and creative director Donwan Harrell spent a over decade traveling and gathering inspiration.  During his time in Japan he was enthralled with the workmanship and quality products in the country's garment industry but found that there was a major lack of larger sizes.  Thus the start of PRPS; jeans made in Japan with only the highest quality in fabrics and craftsmanship.  Donwan grew up in North Carolina and Virginia around a lot of hunting a fishing and has always loved the way that clothes become worn in these activities.  He keeps these outdoorsmen in mind today when designing his jeans.  In his words his designs are a"product with purpose".  

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