Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Don't Let Grinch Steal your Ginch

Last Friday I was invited to attend an underwear show/shopping event put on by Team Diva and Retail Therapy. The divas Kim and Chavi put together an incredible evening filled with drinks, food, fashion and all in the perfect venue for getting a little Christmas shopping done. I also got a chance to meet lots of wonderful It's My Darlin readers!

Mingling before the show

Fabulous hosts Chavi and Kim: The lovely ladies behind Team Diva Real Estate

These onlookers came across some pretty amazing window shopping...

Christy & Morgan of Mini Empire Bakery. These girls made some seriously tasty vegan goodies for guests to graze. They have invented a brilliant creation that they call Scookies... a scone without the massive calorie commitment in the form of a bite size cookie. These two certainly have both your sweet tooth and waistline in mind.

I love this piece!

Noel & Trent

Rocky & Ricardo- These two were the life of the party. They sported their model attire through the end of the night and happily posed for tons of pictures.

Such a fun time!

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