Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sean & Eric

Sean & Eric- These two both work at the downtown JCrew. Everytime I see them they are so well dressed; always putting their own twist on the classic JCrew look. I photographed Eric back in September wearing great casual fall pieces.

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jaunty magpie said...

Fantastic -- I'm always happy when I see two men wearing completely different outfits. Separate, unique style that shows they have personality and attention to detail. So bored of seeing guys dress in the standard t-shirt/jeans/tennis shoes uniform! This is a nice reminder to dare to be different, fellas!

dana said...

I know! Men's style/fashion is so much fun. It makes me happy to see a well styled men's outfit as well. And for men all it takes is a stellar pair of shoes to make a great outfit.

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