Saturday, December 12, 2009

Alison & Matt

Alison & Matt- In front of the Paramount Theater on Pine St.

Looking at the picture now I am wishing I would have asked where Matt got his coat. As it has gotten colder these last couple weeks I have seen some great large collared coats. This one is a combination of that and the field jacket that I posted about on CHS yesterday... I really like it! Alison has found the perfect combination of proportions with the pieces she is wearing. Adding in a long button up over her dress keeps it casual and adds an extra layer of warmth. I'm starting to feel like I need two totally different colored denim button ups because I am wearing the one that I have with just about every outfit I can fit it into.

Ironically I ran into these two a little later in the evening while waiting for dressing rooms at H&M. Apparently we were on the same mission when heading downtown. Unfortunately my intention at H&M was Christmas shopping (the kind where you buy things for other people) but I left with a bag of things that were definitely just for me... Christmas can be tricky like that.

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